Nuitka FATAL: Error, cannot find ‘python39.lib’ file.

2022/12/31 12:22

Nuitka-Options:INFO: Used command line options: –onefile –plugin-enable=pyside6 –nofollow-imports –windows-disable-console
Nuitka-Options:WARNING: Following no imports is unlikely to work for onefile mode and should not be specified.
Nuitka:WARNING: Using very slow fallback for ordered sets, please install ‘orderedset’ PyPI package for best Python compile time performance.
Nuitka:INFO: Starting Python compilation with Nuitka ‘1.3.4’ on Python ‘3.9’ commercial grade ‘not installed’.
Nuitka:INFO: Completed Python level compilation and optimization.
Nuitka:INFO: Generating source code for C backend compiler.
Nuitka:INFO: Running data composer tool for optimal constant value handling.
Nuitka:INFO: Running C compilation via Scons.
Nuitka-Scons:INFO: Backend C compiler: gcc (gcc).
FATAL: Error, cannot find ‘python39.lib’ file.

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