Life is too short to hesitate.

2020/10/25 11:08

Life is too short to hesitate, and there is actually no the best direction or best result. Because the best results generally need our persistent effort.

Making a choice is just the first step and to finish the rest of the journey we need a step-by-step walk.

In the past, when I was hesitating about the future, about my life, I really didn’t know which one is my best choice. I simply set a relatively good choice as my best choce. Precisely speaking, I will make it the best choice for me.

We seldom have the best choice at first. What we can do is to choose a relatively good choice, and make it the best choice with everything we have.

Some people spent their whole life trying to find the best way and did nothing in practice, as for me, this is a big pity.

Don’t make stupid choice, but at the same time stop wasting too much life on trying to find the best chocie.

Finding is important, but doing makes life meaningful.



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