18 types of taxes in China

2023/01/04 12:43

  1. VAT: Product with a cost of 30 and sold for 50, the earned 20 should be taxed.
  2. Consumption tax: Expensive jewelry, jewelry and jade, etc. are subject to tax.
  3. Enterprise income tax: 25% of the business makes money from operation, and 25% must pay taxes to the state.
  4. Personal income tax: Workers who earn money also have to pay taxes.
  5. Urban maintenance and construction tax: Build a beautiful city together, and everyone will pay taxes together.
  6. Property tax: There is a house under your name for your own use or rent, and you have to pay tax.
  7. Urban land value-added tax: land under the name for self-use or lease is subject to tax.
  8. Stamp duty: signed a contract, the state as your witness, pay the tax.
  9. Vehicle and vessel tax: Cars, boats, and yachts under their names are subject to tax.
  10. Land value-added tax: Selling houses and land is subject to tax.
  11. Vehicle Purchase Tax: The tax to be paid on the purchase of a new car.
  12. Deed tax: When buying a house and buying land, you have to pay taxes.
  13. Customs: Goods or items entering and leaving our customs are subject to taxation.
  14. Resource tax: Taxes are paid to extract limited resources.
  15. Tobacco tax: Businesses that buy tobacco are subject to tax.
  16. Ship tonnage tax: Foreign ships that use China’s navigation aids are subject to tax.
  17. Conservation of cultivated land occupation tax: Temporary occupation of cultivated land on which it depends is subject to tax.
  18. Environmental protection tax: everyone is responsible for caring for the environment, and polluting the environment must pay taxes.

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