[Solved] zoom error code 1044, 13215,13244,6107302,100035302,11107302

2024/01/19 16:07

Zoom error code 1044:

Zoom’s current free account cannot be logged in in China;

The most common cause is error code 1044, as shown below. The reason for this is very simple, that is, the free account originally registered in the early stages of the epidemic cannot be used later. You need to re-register an account or upgrade to a paid version.

Zoom error code 13215:

The zoom initiator uses a free account or does not have an account with a Chinese data center;

If the account is purchased and opened on the official website by oneself, or purchased and opened through informal channels, Zoom will review and suspend the account regularly (permanent suspension)

Zoom error code 13244

The zoom conference initiator uses an account that does not have Chinese data The center’s account;

zoom error codes 6107302, 100035302, 11107302 and other codes ending in 302: the local network of the zoom participant is restricted;

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