What are the problems Web3 is facing now?

2022/12/10 23:21

Many people don’t understand Web 3.0

First, blockchain technology has not been understood and accepted by most people, and many people think that it is a scam, an illegal pyramid scheme, an investment scam. In particular, cryptocurrencies are very risky and not suitable for ordinary people to participate.

Web3 technology has not found a large-scale application scenario.

Many decentralized versions of Web2 mobile apps are actually no better and do not take advantage of Web3 technology. Many people are just trying to catch up with the market heat and don’t really use any Web3 tools to add new features.

The user experience of Web3 products is not good enough

A good user experience may increase the usage of Web3 products. So, while it’s good to focus on developing decentralized products, user interaction is also worth paying attention to.

Lack of law and regulation

On June 7, 2022, the Lummis-Gillibrand Act, a regulatory framework for the creation of digital assets, was released. But Web 3.0 still needs more specific laws and regulations to protect the interests of users.

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