How can ordinary people seize the opportunities in the Web3 industry?

2022/12/09 23:52

How can ordinary people enter the web 3.0 industry?

Things we should do:

1. Don’t equate digital collections with NFTs, pictures without circulation are essentially data, which is an economic bubble.

2. Don’t think that 3.0 is the meta-universe, no one can really say what the meta-universe is.

3. Don’t speculate on stocks casually, and don’t speculate on coins casually, ordinary people can’t afford to lose

4. Study, learn, learn again, cognition is everything.

Things we should not do:

1. Understand the principle of blockchain technology and the underlying logic of web3.

2. Understand economics and finance.

3. Join some web3 communities, everyone is a builder.

4. Try some operations on the basic chain and feel the difference between Web 3.0 and Web 2.0.

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