What are the advantages of Web 3.0 over Web 2.0?

2022/12/10 0:13

Advantage 1: Digital identity

Users do not need to have multiple accounts on each app. Users only need a common digital identity across the network and can log in to all websites and apps with one click. In other words, the current user data storage will no longer rely on large factory servers. Shift from centralized management to distributed storage of user data.

Advantage 2: Data ownership

Any data, information, digital assets generated by you belong to you and not to any other company. For example, all the digital assets you create will be stored in your personal account in the form of NFTs. This breaks the platform’s monopoly on information management and algorithms, and changes the relationship between the rights and obligations between users and the platform.

Advantage 3: Data security

Your data will be fully protected. Using an independent digital identity to surf the Internet, all your data will be recorded on the blockchain node, and will not disappear due to the disappearance of a certain platform.

Advantage 4: Revenue distribution

The economic benefits generated by user information belong to you personally, and will not be divided by Internet giants.

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