Can Web 3.0 achieve a decentralized organization in company?

2022/12/10 0:23

In the Web 3.0 era, decentralized forms of work will be possible.

1. Web 3.0 mainly has four types of jobs, including maintainers, creators, content creators and other participants. These four types of job demand will promote the emergence of a new batch of knowledge-based jobs.

2. The Internet of Job (Ioj) era based on a decentralized employment model is coming. In the era of Web 3.0, the labor market will undergo a profound change. With the collapse of work area restrictions and the upgrading of information organization, cross-regional flexible employment will be possible.

3. The Internet of Job (Ioj) has emerged. NFTs and Devi have become examples of blockchain decentralized use cases, and the scale of related markets is growing, such as OpenSea, where artists can sell NFT work, and Global, which earns ghostwriting by completing coding tasks, and more is on the way.

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