How can we avoid being scammed in NFT projects??

2022/12/11 14:42

Since the NFT (non-fungible token) market is still in its infancy and there are currently no uniform laws and regulations, there are some malicious scams.

Here are some common NFT scams:

Investment fraud

Some people impersonate NFT project parties and sell overpriced NFT tokens to investors with promises of high returns. But in reality, these NFT tokens have no real value, and investors may end up losing all their investment.

Private sales

Some people sell NFT tokens on private channels or social media with promises high returns. But these NFT tokens may be fake, or they may be overpriced. Investors may lose their investment if they buy these NFT tokens.

Fake projects

Some people will impersonate NFT project parties and publish false information to lure investors into investing. These projects often promise high returns but don’t actually have any value. Investors may lose their investment if they buy NFT tokens for these projects.

Investing in NFTs requires caution, and investors should carefully analyze the project and trade it in strict accordance with laws and regulations.

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