40 Free ChatGPT plug-ins

2023/05/20 17:13

web search

Metaphor: A plugin that allows access to content on the Internet.

WebPilot :A plugin that allows access to content on the Internet.

KeyMate: AI Search Plugin to search the web using KeyMate.AI.

VoxScript: A plugin to search YouTube subtitles, financial data sources, Google search results and more.

Read PDF

Link Reader: A plugin that reads out the contents of various types of links. Web pages, PDFs, PPTs, images, Word documents, etc.

ChatWithPDF: Plugin to get information from PDF.

AskYourPDF: Plugin to get information from PDF.


KalendarAI: A plugin that finds business opportunities with potential customers from over 2 million companies worldwide.

Golden: A plug-in that retrieves the current state data of a company.

Kraftful: Product development coaching plugin to get product thoughts from top experts.

Bramework: A plugin to search for Bramework keywords, generate content briefs, perform SEO analysis, extract SEO information, and more.

One Word Domains Plugin: to check domain availability and compare prices.

Noteable: A plugin that lets you create notebooks using Python, SQL, and Markdown, explore and visualize data, and share notebooks.

Yabble : AI research assistant plugin that creates questionnaires and collects and analyzes data.

work efficiency

Show Me: Plugin to create and edit graphs directly in Show Me chat.

Bohita: A plugin that creates apparel from any image based on your description

Zapier: A plugin that combines over 5,000 apps, including Zapier Google Sheets, Gmail, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Yay! Forms: A plugin that allows you to create AI-driven forms, surveys, quizzes and surveys using Yay! Forms.

Glowing: Plugin to schedule and send daily SMS messages

Speechki: A plugin that converts Speechki text into ready-to-use audio. Provided as a download link, audio player page, or embedded format.

Polarr: Plugin to search Polarr’s large pool of user-generated filters.

Prompt Perfect: A plugin that creates a perfect prompt by typing ‘perfect’.


Wolfram: Plugins that use Wolfram Alpha and Wolfram Language to access computation, mathematics, curated knowledge, and real-time data.

ABCmouse: A plugin that provides fun and educational learning activities for children ages 2-8.

ScholarAI: A plugin for searching papers.

edX :A plugin to discover courses and content from leading universities and expand your knowledge.

CreatiCode: Scratch A plugin that displays Scratch programs as images and creates 2D/3D programs using the CreatiCode Scratch extension.

Upskillr: Plugin to create curriculum based on any topic.

Tutorial: A plugin that provides on-demand tutoring and education at an affordable price.

Speak: AI-powered language tutor, a plugin to learn how to express yourself in different languages.

Information gathering

Rental: Apartments A plugin to get properties that fit your needs and budget.

FiscalNote: A plugin that enables access to real-time datasets on legal, political and regulatory information.

BizToc: A plugin to search for business and financial news on BizToc.

There’s An AI: For That A plugin that finds the right AI tool for any use case from the world’s largest database of AI tools.

Giftwrap: A plug-in that allows you to think about gifts according to the gift giver and the occasion. Even if you don’t know the destination address, you can still deliver.

Cloudflare Radar: A plugin to get real-time information about internet traffic patterns and threats in Cloudflare.

World News: A plugin that summarizes news. You can ask for the latest news from various sources around the world.

DEV Community: A plugin that recommends articles and users from the DEV community.

C3 Glide: A plugin that provides live aviation data for pilots

Weather Report Data: Plugin that provides current weather data for cities and airports using METAR aviation feeds.

Hauling Buddies: Plugin for finding reliable animal transporters

Change: A plugin to search for Change nonprofits.

BlockAtlas: Plugin to search the US Census

Keyplays Live Soccer: A plugin that provides up-to-date soccer standings, results, commentary, TV stations and keyplays (with and without scores).


Tabelog: A plugin to search for restaurants with reservations.

OpenTable: plugin to search for restaurants with reservations.

Tasty Recipes: A plugin to discover recipe ideas, meal plans and cooking tips from millions of Tasty users.

Shimmer: Nutrition Coach A plugin that provides meal tracking and insights from over 1 million restaurants and grocery stores to guide you towards a healthier lifestyle.


OwlJourney: A plugin that provides accommodation and activity suggestions to ensure a user-friendly trip.

KAYAK: Plugins that search for flights, accommodations, car rentals or recommend places you can visit within your budget.

Expedia Travel Planning Plugin: Helps you reach your destination, book accommodations, and explore attractions and activities.

Property/real estate

A plug-in for getting the latest Wahi Ontario property listings and more.

Zillow Real Estate Assistant Plugin: It is possible to search for property information, display details, and acquire a home.

Manorlead: A plug-in for acquiring property information in Canada and the United States.

Redfin: A plugin that retrieves information about the housing market.

Rental Apartments: A plugin to get properties that fit your needs and budget.


Crypto Prices and News: A plugin to get the latest cryptocurrency prices and news from CCData.io (formerly CryptoCompare.com).

AITickerChat: A plug-in that retrieves US stock information and earnings conference call records from SEC filings.

Options Pro Personal: options trading assistant plugin for navigating market conditions.

Investment guide plugin powered by PortfolioPilot AI: A plugin to get information about portfolio ratings, recommendations and all finances

Savvy Trader AI: Plugin to get real-time stock, cryptocurrency and other investment data.

Public: Plugins to get real-time and historical market data, asset prices, news, research and comprehensive financial analysis.

Polygon: A plugin that provides market data, news and basic information for stocks, options, forex and cryptocurrencies from Polygon.io.

Crypto: Prices and News A plugin to get the latest cryptocurrency prices and news from CCData.io (formerly CryptoCompare.com).

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