Java Interview Database Question Summary

2023/04/02 1:39

  1. What are the database isolation levels, what are their meanings, what is the default isolation level of MYsql, and the advantages and disadvantages of each storage engine
  2. Under high concurrency, how to safely modify the same row of data, what are optimistic locks and pessimistic locks, what are the 2 types of row-level locks in INNODB, and explain their meaning
  3. SQL What are the general steps of optimization, how to see the execution plan, how to understand the meaning of each field, and the principle of indexing?
  4. Other performance optimizations for MySQL
  5. Will the database deadlock, for example, how does mySQL solve deadlocks
  6. MYsql’s index implementation
  7. Differences between clustered and nonclustered indexes
  8. The difference between BTREE and B+tree in the database
  9. How mybatis implements bulk insertion
  10. Please succinctly describe the four transaction isolation level names supported by InnoDB in MySQL, and the difference between the levels?
  11. How are indexes designed?

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