Summary of operating system questions in Java interview

2023/04/02 1:35

  1. Which kernel parameters have you paid attention to under the Linux system, and tell us what you know.
  2. There are several IO models under Linux, and what are the meanings of each.
  3. What is the difference between epoll and poll.
  4. What Linux commands are usually used.
  5. View the last five lines of the file with one line command.
  6. Output the running java process with one line command.
  7. Introduce the thread switching process in the operating system that you understand.
  8. The difference between process and thread.
  9. What is the content and function after the top command.
  10. The online CPU is very high, how can you find the problem.
  11. What is the kernel mode and user mode of the Linux system, and what is the difference?
  12. How to do group summation with linux commands, how to convert strings into arrays according to delimiters
  13. Where to see the linux system log
  14. How to view the network process

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