Java Interview Spring Related Question Summary

2023/04/02 1:32

  1. Propagation of Spring transactions, focusing on the propagation properties of Spring transactions
  2. What are some common annotations? Whether Autowire annotation has been used
  3. The implementation principle of spring events, writing the usual events.
  4. What is the lifetime of spring’s beans? Several Ways to Configure Spring’s Beans
  5. Spring’s method of injecting beans
  6. Differences between Spring’s BeanFactory and FactoryBean.
  7. Briefly introduce the tomcat structure, its classloader process, and thread model.
  8. How to tune tomcat, which parameters are involved, and the significance of various parameters
  9. Describe the Spring loading process.
  10. The implementation principle of Spring AOP. Understanding of AOP? What are several implementations of AOP. The underlying implementation of aop, how dynamic proxies are, and if there are 100 objects, how to dynamically proxy these 100 objects
  11. How Spring manages transactions.
  12. How Spring configures transactions (specify some key XML elements).
  13. What is your understanding of Spring and the principle of non singleton injection? Its lifecycle? The principle of cyclic injection, aop
  14. “The implementation principle of aop, talk about several terms in aop, and how they work with each other.”. Spring’s idea? How is the proxy implemented?
  15. The DispatcherServlet initialization process in Springmvc.
  16. Annotations used in spring mvc, their functions, and principles.
  17. The process of processing requests in springmvc
  18. Spring boot startup mechanism.
  19. Describe static and dynamic proxies for Java
  20. How to solve spring cyclic dependency (state the source code details of the three-level cache) Why do we need three-level caching?
  21. Why choose to use the SSM framework? Why do I use Spring boot?
  22. Whether the controller of Spring is a single instance or multiple instances, and how to ensure concurrency security
  23. Spring’s process of using annotations to handle things, the isolation level of things, and the differences between each isolation level
  24. How does spring achieve transaction isolation between threads, and what is the underlying ThreadLocal layer like
  25. How to implement timed tasks with SpringBoot

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