Dubbo Related Question Summary in Java Interview

2023/04/02 1:25

  1. Why do we need system splits? How do I split the system? Is it okay not to use dubbo after splitting?
  2. Tell us how dubbo works? Can I continue communication if the registry is hung up? What is the process of an RPC request? Dubbo framework implementation principle
  3. What communication protocols does dubbo support? What serialization protocols are supported?
  4. What are the dubbo load balancing policies and cluster fault tolerance policies? What about dynamic proxy policies?
  5. What is Dubbo’s SPI idea?
  6. How to perform service governance, service degradation, failure retry, and timeout retry based on dubbo?
  7. How to design the idempotency of distributed service interfaces (for example, no repeated deductions)?
  8. How to ensure the sequential nature of distributed service interface requests?
  9. How to design an RPC framework similar to Dubbo?
  10. Where the dubbo service is exposed and referenced by the process, the load balancing policy, and where the fault tolerance mechanism is implemented
  11. Dubbo service call procedure
  12. How does the dubbo caller generate the corresponding service in the JVM? Dubbo server and caller timeout setting and difference, dubbo connection.

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