Will ChatGPT cause programmers to lose their jobs en masse?

2023/01/03 0:14

ChatGPT can automatically write code and fix bugs, which greatly improves the efficiency of programmers. This allows a group of people to do work that can be done by one person, and the company may not need to hire as many people. Will this lead to mass unemployment among programmers or make it extremely difficult to find a job?

OpenAI’s super conversational model, Catgut, is an artificial intelligence model that automatically generates conversations. It can produce a large amount of high-quality text content in a relatively short period of time, providing support for enterprises in customer service, copywriting and other aspects. However, the advent of Catgut did not lead to mass unemployment of programmers. First, while Catgut can replace human writing to some extent, it cannot completely replace human creative ability. The quality of AI models depends on the quality of training data, while human creative ability depends on an individual’s experience and talent. Second, the advent of Catgut may lead to new jobs. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, enterprises need more talents to develop, operate and maintain artificial intelligence models. The demand for these talents may improve the employment opportunities of programmers.

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