What are the advantages and disadvantages of Flutter?

2022/12/11 15:27

Flutter is an open-source mobile app development framework that is developed and provided by Google. It has many advantages, some of which are:

1. Write once, run on multiple platforms: Flutter apps can run on both Android and iOS platforms and can use the same set of code.

2. Fast rendering: Flutter apps can render at 60 frames per second, which makes them look fluid and flowing.

3. Powerful Hot Reload: Flutter provides a powerful Hot Reload feature that previews changes to your application in real time as you modify your code.

4. Rich component library: Flutter provides a rich component library that includes commonly used components such as buttons, input boxes, and navigation bars.

5. Open source: Flutter is open source and has an active community that can help and support developers.

Flutter also has some drawbacks, some of which are:

1.Newer technology: Flutter is relatively new to other mobile app development frameworks, which means it may be less stable and lack some commonly used features.

2.No full platform coverage: Currently, Flutter only runs on Android and iOS, and does not support other platforms such as Windows or Mac.

3.Relatively large application size: Because Flutter contains all the necessary code and resources, it can produce larger applications than other framework-generated applications.

4.Lack of third-party library support: Since Flutter is a newer technology, it may lack support for some third-party libraries.

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