How to learn Flutter development from zero?

2022/12/11 15:20

The best way to learn Flutter development is to start with the official documentation. There is extensive documentation and tutorials on Flutter’s website, including installation instructions, guides, sample code, and API references. Before you can start learning, you need to install the Flutter development environment. Installation instructions are also available on the official website, so you can follow the instructions to install.

After the installation is complete, you can try running a sample app. On the Flutter website, there is a “first Flutter app” tutorial that teaches you how to create a simple Flutter app using the official code template. This is a great introductory tutorial to get you up to speed on the basics of Flutter development.

Moreover, you can also learn different aspects of Flutter in depth by reading the official documentation. The official documentation provides detailed instructions and sample code to help you quickly understand various aspects of Flutter development.

In addition, Flutter officially provides a variety of learning resources, including video tutorials, online courses, and community support. You can choose different learning resources according to your preferences and learning style.

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