How to run an NFT project by yourself?

2022/12/10 15:03

As the hottest topic in Web3, NFT ushered in the outbreak of the market in 2021, and traditional companies rushed to join the space of NFT. At present, although it has entered a stable phase, new projects will keep on emerge on the market. Although NFT projects don’t have very high threshold, but you still need to master the rules. Today, from the perspective of an entrepreneur, I will share how to operate a NFT project.

1. Project positioning

Before starting a project, first think about the scene and value of NFT. Common NFT types include NFT avatars, pass cards, game props, artworks, and narratives. Different positioning have different operation strategies.

Here are 3 questions to be clarified: What makes my NFT unique? What value can my NFT bring to holders? Why are people rushing to buy my NFTs?

In the process of thinking about these issues, the future long-term development plan is sorted out as a project roadmap.

2. Implementation steps

Image production: If you have your own design team or mature P is the most ideal, if not, find a professional designer to do the drawing. Make sure the pictures are very beautiful, and the pictures should accurately convey the value of the project and express cultural concepts.

Technology: The technical team can generally be completed in a small team of 3-4 people, including 1 contract engineer, 2-3 front-end + back-end engineers.

Deploy smart contracts: The perfection of the contract can directly determine the success or failure of the project, and many cases fall short due to the omission of the contract.

Audit: Design the audit rules of NFT in advance, and the common audit rules include pledge, synthesis, destruction and other clauses, which need to be written into the contract in advance.

Front-end + back-end development: Regarding the design of the official website, on the one hand, we must pay attention to aesthetics, and on the other hand, we must ensure that the operation experience of basic functions such as mint is smooth. Do a good job of front-end and back-end joint testing to achieve smooth interaction on the official website page.

3. Market Announcement

Generally, user growth can be carried out through cooperation with individual Vols, Internet celebrities, NFT communities, and other high-quality NFT projects. Generally, the more the project is promoted 2-3 months in advance, and the more activities such as Space and DMA are carried out to convey the value of the project to the market, to ensure the popularity and exposure of the project.

4 Create and manage communities

Community is the cornerstone of an NFT project, find a group of users who share NFT culture and values, and who can support your project to continue going forward. Discord should be set up in advance before publicity, and Q&A, interaction, and whitelist activities should be done in Discord every day to build trust with users. This step directly affects the price consensus of NFT after mint.

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