What skills do Web 3.0 developers need?

2022/12/10 14:25

Have a deep understanding of agile development (Scrum, Kanban) ideas and processes, which can ensure rapid product iteration and incremental improvement;

Proficient in the architecture design and implementation of Internet applications with high availability, high load and concurrency;

Have a deep understanding and practice of microservice architecture, database principles and optimization, message queuing technology, DevOps, big data analysis and other technologies;

Understand the fundamentals of concepts such as blockchain, Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs, Web 3.0, DAO, and more.

Master at least one programming language (JavaScript/Go/Python/Rust, etc.);

Understand the operating principle and advantages and disadvantages of the blockchain consensus algorithm;

Familiar with common blockchain open source projects Bitcoin, Ethereum, File coin, etc.;

Knowledge of computer theory and networking, such as distributed systems, cryptography, database principles, network security, etc.

Familiar with Ethereum EVM operation mechanism and transaction packaging mechanism, understand inline assembly, Byte code, ABI standards;

Master the Hyper/Solidity smart contract development language

Master Python/Node.JS and other languages, and be able to independently complete solution principle verification, contract automation testing and auxiliary tool development;

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