How to build iOS app with Flutter on MacOS?

2022/06/23 23:07

To build an iOS app with Flutter, firstly you need to have an verified developer account. Just open the wordspace file with Xcode and sign in your  developer account  in runner.

Then you need to provides provisioning profile. To know more details, please view the following instructions.

Building a deployable iOS app requires a selected Development Team with a Provisioning Profile. Please ensure that a Development Team is selected by:
1- Open the Flutter project’s Xcode target with open ios/Runner.xcworkspace
2- Select the ‘Runner’ project in the navigator then the ‘Runner’ target in the project settings
3- Make sure a ‘Development Team’ is selected under Signing & Capabilities > Team.
You may need to:
– Log in with your Apple ID in Xcode first
– Ensure you have a valid unique Bundle ID
– Register your device with your Apple Developer Account
– Let Xcode automatically provision a profile for your app
4- Build or run your project again

For more information, please visit:

Or run on an iOS simulator without code signing

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